Although HARD and Lolla are behind us, EDM fans are still reeling. With some incredible new IDs by the likes of RL Grime and collabs between artists such as Flume and Vera Blue, it’s clear that these shows were nothing short of incredible. HARD had record numbers this year, with 170,000 reported attendees. And Lolla had no shortage of excitement, with a large group of teens trying to storm and crash the fence to gain entry (all were apprehended, and none got in).

This last example brings up a question that is repeatedly whispered amongst the older PLUR crowds as each festival come around: is the culture that used to be so sacred being tarnished and destroyed by selfish, careless young people who come with the wrong intentions? This very question was poised last year by some of Burning Man’s executives, who remarked on a highly concerning wave of materialism and superficiality that was washing over and threatening to submerge the visitors to Black Rock City. Long gone are the days when raves were frequented only by die-hards with their entire arms full of kandi bracelets. And maybe that’s a good thing: inclusivity is important, and sharing the power and beauty of EDM can have a powerful impact. The latest events are an important reminder to us - all of us, regardless of age, race, or creed - that the way we treat others and the world around us is just as important now as it always was.