As if Flume couldn’t get any better, everyone’s favorite Aussie producer just announced a new project called Flume Sounds that allows creators to try their hand at Flume’s creative process. Specifically, Harley dropped a folder of 12 unique files which he and his team are allowing the public to download and use (with some limitations). The stated purpose is to foster creativity and collaboration, to see what inspirational sounds and songs the public can make out of some of Harley’s trademark funky tunes. As is the case with everything on the internet, though, the project hasn’t been without criticism. Some have claimed that the User Agreement is too restrictive, with one user saying, “This might be the harshest sample user agreement I’ve ever seen.” But part of the reason the agreement has to be so airtight is to preserve the integrity and purpose of the project. The main issue people have with the verbiage is that it prevents you from profiting off the sounds if you incorporate them into you work, and this is exactly what Flume wanted and predicted. Allowing money to be made off sounds that Harley had created himself and released into the internet ether for the good and innovation of the public would defeat the purpose of an “open source audio loop series.” This is supposed to be for the art alone, for the purpose of passion, not profit. Fortunately, the opinion that the agreement is limiting seems to be the minority: most users and djs who have publicly responded have agreed that the wording is “pretty standard.” To listen to the 12 sounds in their varying states of artistry, click here.