Pandora Headshot - Abhishek Mehta.jpg

Abhi Mehta:

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Abhi is a passionate marketer from UC Berkeley with experiences from SaaS companies, music streaming giants such as Pandora, and The White House. As the face of We Dream Worlds, Abhi truly cares about creating positive social impact through the power of music.

F54A6515 - Julian Chow.jpg

Julian Chow:

Chief Operations Officer

Julian is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student attending UC Berkeley with a passion for EDM and bringing events to the bay area. His other interests including figure skating, poker, hip hop dance, horror stories, pineapples, and boba. Catch him at events head-banging or networking on the dance floor.

64F7B0BD-D3CB-4E56-ACBE-E0300AAA4740 - Gwynevere Hunger.jpeg

Gwynevere Hunger:

Chief Financial Officer

Gwynevere is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration and Data Science. As the CFO, she is in charge of all the finances for WDW.

IMG_0812 - Darren Ko.jpg

Darren Ko:

Chief Technology Officer & Event Ops Lead

Darren is a 3rd year student studying CS at UC Berkeley. Darren is the CTO/ Event Operations Head for We Dream Worlds. His job is to make sure that all the equipments are perfectly setup and ready to be used by the artist. He is also a DJ going by the name Dekay.

IMG_4935 (2) - Shawn Kim.jpg

Shawn Kim:

Chief of Staff

Shawn is from the Bay Area! Shawn currently works full-time at LinkedIn and pursues her passion in music business with We Dream Worlds. Outside of her interest in music, she really enjoys traveling, especially to different parts of Asia. Fun fact: Shawn has a mini poodle named Shadow and he's cuter than your dog.


_DSC7969 copy - Alvin Lee.jpg

Alvin Lee:

Operations Analyst

Alvin is a 5th year at San Jose State University studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. Alvin likes to keep himself busy by being future-oriented. He is also an entrepreneur, a pianist, and a DJ.

IMG_7514 - Maggie Tran.JPG

Maggie Tran:


Marketing Intern

Maggie is a third year studying Business Marketing at San Jose State University. You can usually find her studying at the library, but when she isn't, she is usually out exploring new food places. Fun fact: she's 4'11, but if you round it up it's 6'4.

2016_0721_19551500 - Hao Hsiang Chang.jpg

Shane Chang:

Production Manager

Shane is a 2nd year Berkeley student studying Chemical Engineering. As production manager of We Dream Worlds, he works with Darren on equipment and event management. He also DJs under the stage name PRJCT-X.


Casey Takeda:

Brand Manager

Casey attends UC Berkeley and majors in Computer Science. He has a passion for music.

claireeee - Claire Yu.jpg

Claire Yu:

Content Director

Claire is a 3rd year at UC Berkeley, and from the Bay Area. She is excited to be on the We Dream Worlds team and looks forward to meeting people who love music as much as she does.


Jayson Pattugalan:

Business Analyst

Jayson is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Economics. He is a Jinx Main, Professional KBBQ Eater, Volleyball Player, and Pinner at Pinterest. He’s here to help create memorable experiences through music.

morgantakach - Morgan Takach.jpg

Morgan Takach:

A&R Analyst

Morgan was raised in SoCal. On the WDW team, Morgan is currently responsible for A&R. If she’s not scouting for new songs on Soundcloud or planning for a festival, she’s probably out running, doing yoga, or looking at the latest fashions.

Polo Headshot v2 - Devin Gu.png

Devin Gu:

Music Analyst

Devin is a Junior at Emory University, studying business administration. His first rave was at a San Holo concert in Houston, and outside of music, Devin is active in the Atlanta boxing scene with the Atlanta Boxing Association.

IMG-2540 - Nihaal Kumar.JPG

Nihaal Kumar:

Business Analyst

Nihaal is a 3rd year Econ/Accounting major with a Music minor at UCSB, aiming to work in the field of private equity. Nihaal is currently trying to get certified to skydive solo, and is 3 dives away from being able to dive on his own.

IMG_20180215_204510_798 - KAIRUI ZENG.jpg

Kairui Zeng:


& Partnerships Director

Kairui is a Bae Area native who's addicted to music and the latest technologies


Fizza Hayat:

Creative Director

Fizza is an
Architect /
Interior /
Graphic Designer