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Live Nation Sustainability Initiatives

It’s no secret that the environment is a big issue these days. Global warming, CO2 emissions, pollution, and the list goes on: no matter what you believe, there’s a lot to be said. The music industry is no exception to this rule. Music festivals, concerts, and live shows are not easy on the planet, whether it’s because of the physical waste produced from plastic cups and containers or the massive expenditure of energy and resources necessary to put on large scale events. Industry stronghold LiveNation wants to change that. The company has announced new goals to reduce their environmental impact as part of their Green Nation campaign. The steps they have described will be implemented at all venues, clubs, theaters, and festivals. According to this release, some of the commitments are as follows: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, ending sale of single use plastics at all owned and operated events by 2021, reducing fossil fuels where possible, finding renewable alternatives, and aiming for offices and events to be zero waste by 2030. As a company with over 35,000 live events each year, these changes - if implemented successfully - could make a great difference.