When planning your next music festival, it is very important to stay safe. Here are a couple of essentials that will make your music festival the best experience that it can be.

  1. Earplugs:  Protecting your hearing is important! We all need ears to communicate and to listen to more music :) It would suck if your hearing is impaired and you wouldn't be able to use your ears on a daily basis. 

  2. Comfortable Shoes: You will most likely be walking around at A LOT. Don't get blisters on your feet!

  3. Hydration Pack: When you're out having fun, just remember that you could easily be dehydrated! As you turn up to the music, pay attention to the weather and the crowd. Things could get really hot. Remind yourself to hydrate!

  4. Hand Sanitizer / Tissues : Keep your hands clean! Some public restrooms don't have soap or tissues. Keep yourself sanitary. 

  5. Sunscreen / Sunglasses: Depending on which festival you attend, there are a couple where you would be scorching in the sun for a couple of hours. Stay protected for being out in the sun for that long. 

  6. Eye drops: / Face masks: Again, depending on which festival you attend, there could be a lot of dust and dirt. The air might not even be clean. Protect yourself from all of the bacteria by covering your face with a mask. Eye drops help with preventing eye infections, though some festivals might not allow them.

  7. Portable Charger: Your phone is probably the most important asset that you would bring to a music festival. Having clear communication is very important in the case that you could get lost. No one wants to deal in a stressful situation, especially if your phone is dead. Keep a portable charger for your own safety.

  8. Fan: Keep yourself, your friends, and the crowd cool at all times!

  9. Foam roller (keep it at home): Message yourself the day before the events so that your muscles aren't tight! Stretching will also help.