Porter Robinson has stood as one of the most talented producers in the EDM world. His "Worlds" album, which was released in 2014, has notably been one of his greatest highlights. Recently, Robinson hosted his own music festival called Second Sky Festival. This was held on the weekend of June 15th-16th at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, California. Tickets were sold out instantly for June 15th, but there were additional tickets for Day Two (June 16th). At this Music festival, there was a merchandise tent, a first aid tent, a water refill station, a booth for information / guest services, lockers, and a whole collection of delicious foods to satisfy your stomach. Furthermore, there was a booth where you can donate to the Robinson Malawi Fund. This fund was aiming to improve the survival rate of kids in Malawi with a cancer called Burkitt Lymphoma. As for the artists, the main headliner was Robinson himself and the supporting artists were personal friends of Porter Robinson. It has been confirmed that the Second Sky Music Festival will return in 2020; though at this time of writing, there aren't any official dates.